Privacy Statement

Processing of Personal Information of Customers Using the Website

(1) The personal information entered in the request form by a client when requesting a trip can be used by the L.&U TRAVEL. L.&U. TRAVEL other than for communication with the customer, within the framework necessary to organize the customer's travel services we can share it with the transport provider, accommodation establishments, etc. (the main partners are described for each schedule) so that the customer can benefit from these services.

In addition, the Company L.&U. TRAVEL may sometimes use the customer's personal information to

  • Notify products and services, or campaigns of companies affiliated with the L.&U. TRAVEL,
  • Ask for comments or the customer’s impression after returning from a trip,
  • Ask the customer to answer a questionnaire,
  • Provide special services and
  • Prepare statistical data.

(2) Personal information acquired by the Company L.&U. TRAVEL from customers; name, age, gender, phone number, address, email address, and other personal information needed to organize the trip specifically according to the plan. In cases where it is necessary to organize or when special arrangements are required, such as a wheelchair, the Company L.&U. TRAVEL may sometimes require the additional personal information to make such arrangements (or to respond to which such arrangements cannot be made), to which the information required by the Company L.&U. TRAVEL will be to the extent necessary to make such arrangements.

(3) If the Company L.&U. TRAVEL is unable to obtain customer consent for the acquisition of personal information referred to in subsection (2), L.&U. TRAVEL may not be able to enter into a contract for the tour package or may be unable to make the necessary arrangements desired by the client due to the client's failure to give consent.

(4) L.&U. TRAVEL, in order to make arrangements for the requested trip, will submit to the carrier, accommodation facilities, etc. customer information including name, age, gender, phone number, and other information needed to make arrangements electronically, etc. in advance.

(5) L.&U. TRAVEL can sometimes provide the personal data of customers that it holds to a company transporting customer baggage and Duty-Free Shop purchases. In this case, personal data of customers such as name, date of departure, flight number will be transmitted electronically in advance. If you do not wish your personal data to be provided to these other business operators, please indicate this during your application.

(6) If a customer wants to know what personal data is held by L.&U. TRAVEL; or to correct, add or delete this data; or to suspend the use of this data; or to erase or suspend this data to a third party, please contact the following request desk for details on how to do so. L.&U. TRAVEL, will then quickly take the necessary measures following the laws and regulations and the rules of the Company. If L.&U. TRAVEL, is unable to comply with the request, L.&U. TRAVEL, will explain the reason (s).

(7) If a problem arises such as a leak of personal information held by L.&U. TRAVEL. L.&U. TRAVEL will promptly notify its customers and temporarily suspend the affected system until security is assured. L.&U. TRAVEL will also make an official announcement of the situation as soon as possible via the website www.mygolfandtravel.com

Contact for inquiries/complaints regarding personal information

(1) For all requests and complaints concerning the processing of personal information, please contact:

L.&U. TRAVEL, info@mygolfandtravel.com

The person in charge of the protection of personal information: Tel: 0033618810015

Please see the website of L.&U. TRAVEL, or ask for the name of the personal information manager.

(2) If a customer's complaint regarding personal information cannot be resolved with L.&U. TRAVEL, the customer can ask Portugal Travel and Tourism Agencies to help them solve the problem.

Register of Travel and Tourism Agents (RNAVT) N°8940 L.&U. TRAVEL

Email: info@turismodeportugal.pt

Phone: 00351211140200

L.&U. TRAVEL has revised the above policy from time to time and will post the revised policy on this website.


Use of Cookies

A cookie refers to a mechanism by which data is temporarily stored on a website visitor's computer by their web browser.

The site uses cookies to increase the convenience and efficiency of its customers' user experience, and will not use cookies for other purposes. Information that identifies a person, such as a name and a phone number, is never included in the content of a cookie.

In addition, the Site uses behavioral targeting ads and retargeting ads using cookies provided by third-party companies to deliver tailored advertising to its customers. If you do not wish to be exposed to such advertising, you can deactivate it by performing a deactivation for each service in the “List of advertising delivery services”.

  • What do we mean by behavioral targeting advertising:

A mechanism that delivers appropriate advertising to a user based on information (behavioral history) that does not identify a specific individual, such as recovery history and browsing history.

  • What do we mean by re-targeting advertising:

A mechanism that tracks a user who has visited an advertiser's website and displays the advertisement from the same advertiser on an ad spot on another site.


Use of Web Beacons

The site sometimes uses web beacons to collect usage statistics such as the number of users who have accessed www.mygolfandtravel.com; however, under no circumstances will the Site obtain information that identifies a person, such as a name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of a customer.

The site sometimes uses web beacons embedded in HTML emails (emails containing images) sent by L.&U. TRAVEL to collect statistical information on the opening or not of the electronic mail; however, under no circumstances will the Site obtain information allowing an individual to be identified.


A Secure Communication Channel

The Online reservation functionality of the White Bear Family CO., LTD. website protects personal information by a system called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Information being received and sent over the Internet is exposed to such risks as eavesdropping, falsification of information or identity fraud. Using SSL, however, protects information against such threats, and enables a safe means of sending and receiving of information.

SL protects communication between a customer and the Company’s server by employing digitally signed certificates to establish an encrypted communication channel, allowing personal information to be kept private. All this information, including personal information such as name and credit number is protected in this manner as well as any information received by the customer.



The customer takes personal responsibility for the use of the website. L.&U.TRAVEL will not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of information obtained from the website www.mygolfandtravel.com or any other website linked to the website.


Applicable Law

The website is under the control of L.&U. TRAVEL although the website is accessible from many different countries around the world, each with their own set of laws; a customer who accesses the website agrees with L.&U. TRAVEL that, any difference in legal principles, both will be governed by the laws of Portugal with regard to the use of the website.www.mygolfandtravel.com The parties will also consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court Viana da Castello in the first if legal action is necessary.

In addition, L.&U. TRAVEL will not make any description or indication on the website www.mygolfandtravel.com as to whether the content of the website is appropriate for the customer's environment. Access to the website www.mygolfandtravel.com should be made at the client's own will, and the client assumes full responsibility for the use of the website www.mygolfandtravel.com.